Therapy for Parents


As parents, we may have different reasons for entering parenthood, but most of us share one belief: we want the best for our children.

We want our children to be happy and successful.

We want our children to be healthy and resilient.

We want our children to be loved and valued.

And we want to be the best parents for our children so that they can be their best.

The reality is that no one can love our children like we do and no one can bring out the best in our children like we can. However, it can be difficult to bring out the best when we aren’t at our best – when we are sleep-deprived, overwhelmed, and frustrated. It can be even more challenging when our wounds from our past experiences seem to have re-opened from the current stress in life.

I can help you tap into your innate strengths so that you can enjoy parenthood in a way that encourages you and your child to thrive. We can collaborate to help you¬†heal from the past experiences that may be preventing you from being the parent you are meant to be. Let’s work together so that you can enjoy¬†being present and attuned to your child, and create even more joyful memories as a family.

I provide individual counselling and psychotherapy for moms and dads who are struggling with the following concerns:

  • anger and resentment towards partner or child
  • transition and adjustment to parenthood
  • loneliness and lack of support
  • feeling stressed, lost, or overwhelmed
  • lack of connection with partner or with child
  • parenting differences with partner
  • perinatal depression and anxiety
  • anxiety around labour and delivery
  • difficult or traumatic labour and delivery (birth trauma)

I also offer couples counselling for parents and parenting consultation around specific issues related to their children.

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