Core Values


Joy, Connection, Balance, Honesty, Resilience – these are the values that guide my life and the work I do with clients. The following describes what each value means to me…


I believe that joy is always present in our lives but can be hidden by life’s challenges. For one person, joy can be uncovered in the sweet scent of her baby as they share a quiet snuggle. For another, joy can be discovered in the warmth and strength of an affectionate embrace from his loved one. For some, joy can be found in the rhythmic tapping of the computer keyboard as creative ideas flow from within.

In my experience, I find that taking the time to appreciate the simple joys and to celebrate the more unique ones help balance out the daily stress and struggles. Therefore, I encourage clients to act as detectives and uncover the simple joys of life.


We often feel lost when we are disconnected – disconnected from oneself, disconnected from the present moment, or disconnected from others. For me, connection is an integral part of my life. When I feel overwhelmed, connecting helps me gain clarity and find my way. Knowing this, I strive to make authentic connections with clients and support them in becoming more connected in their lives.


My belief is that balance allows for a fulfilling life. You do not have to sprint through life to be successful, nor do you have to be slow and steady at all times. I think it is helpful to be consistent and do things in moderation, with the understanding that there may be times when sprinting is both necessary and appropriate.

I try to do what I advise my clients to do – balance the health of your heart, mind, and body; balance the needs of others and the needs of your own; balance the responsibilities of work, family, and friends, and balance daily stresses with fun and laughter. The goal is not to sprint to achieve balance in all these areas; instead, the goal is to make room for these different areas and strive for balance in a flexible manner.


I believe that being honest with oneself allows for a more meaningful life. Therefore, I strive to be honest and true to who I am – my quirks, blemishes, and all. I understand the vulnerability that this requires but I also understand the emptiness of living a false life.

In order for my clients to show their true selves, I strive to create an environment of acceptance and compassion. By being genuine and following the pace of each client, my hope is to develop a safe space for clients to be courageous, to work through their concerns with honesty, and to enjoy authentic, meaningful lives.


Daily stresses, life transitions, and major events are all a part of a person’s journey in life.  Yet the majority of people continue with their journey, many recover, and a lot thrive from these experiences. I believe in resilience. From both my personal and professional experiences, I have witnessed with awe the resiliency in humans. We have unique, clever ways of adapting to life circumstances – even our “bad” habits or tendencies have been helpful or protective at some point. Therefore, I enjoy helping clients recognize their resilience and use that as a springboard to develop more healthy and effective ways of coping with life stresses.

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