EMDR Therapy


Anxiety. Depression. Shame. Anger. Pain. No matter what we do to shake these away, it feels like one or more of them have a powerful hold on us. Discouragement can be added to that list if we feel like we have tried everything to feel better without success.

EMDR therapy may be helpful for those who have tried traditional talk therapy but still feel stuck in negative habits, patterns, and emotions that hold them back from experiencing joy and enjoying success. It can help individuals overcome their fear of fully loving and trusting their partners. It can help parents overcome barriers that might be keeping them from being attuned to their children. It can help professionals overcome their insecurities and help them achieve their full potential (peak performance EMDR).

EMDR is an accelerated form of therapy that helps painful memories and experiences become “unstuck”. EMDR facilitates our natural ability to heal and helps process our past events so that we can learn from them and use the positive learning to move forward in our lives.

It has shown to help people with the following experiences and memories:

  • Being shamed and criticized by others (parents, teachers, etc.)
  • Growing up in a home with an emotionally unavailable parent (substance use, depression, medical illness, “workaholic”, etc.)
  • Being spanked, hit, or physically injured by others (parents, siblings, teachers, peers, etc.)
  • Growing up in a home with a parent who would easily get angry
  • Being sexually assaulted or abused
  • Losing someone you love
  • Being left out or socially rejected by others (siblings, peers, colleagues, etc.)
  • Other critical events such as car accidents, medical and health issues, incidents when you thought you were going to die, etc.

After successful processing, clients report the following:

  • Inner peace and calm
  • Positive beliefs about themselves such as “I am lovable”, “I am capable”, and “I am okay”
  • Feelings of empowerment and control

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