UPDATE: Video Counselling and Telephone Counselling


UPDATE: Video Counselling and Telephone Counselling

March 22, 2020
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In light of the heightened precautions due to COVID-19, video counselling and telephone sessions are being offered and in-person sessions are postponed until further notice. A PIPEDA and PHIPA-compliant platform, Zoom, will be used for video counselling.

This was a difficult decision to make since I know that the in-person, human-to-human experience is such an important ingredient in counselling therapy. However, remote counselling is undeniably the best choice at this time in order to ensure the health and safety of clients and our community.

Since I am partial to the in-person experience of counselling, I have been pleasantly surprised by the video sessions I have had so far. What’s interesting is that video counselling has allowed clients to experience a different type of connection and therapy. For some, clients appear at ease being in the comfort of their own homes, beautifully bare-faced and in cozy wear. For others, they are able to instinctively reach out to their pets and become soothed when exploring difficult topics. It has shifted my perspective on “virtual therapy” – I can see that effective work can be done in this new setting. I guess it’s not too surprising because we, humans, are highly adaptable, resilient, and resourceful. We do what we need to do!

So I am excited to be able to support in this new way and I hope that it can be helpful during this unprecedented time.



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